Detailed Summary


The girls built and played with the brio train set .

The girls watched a programe called “Come outside” which is all about rabbits.

Read a story called “Talking to my friend Jesus”.

Rebekah and Naomi wrote a letter to Jesus.

All helped to clean house, tables and chairs and vacuum most of the house. Then assisted me to bath the two youngest children.
(Citizenship / P.H.S.E.)



Late morning technology class in progress…

Brio Train building

Detailed Summary


Went for a walk to the shops and got some food and posted some letters.

Watched a TV programe called “Come outside” which was about fish.

Used Jolly Phonics Letter Stamps to make words and reconise the letters.

Rebekah read “Peter & Jane 2a” and “Country & Town Mouse”.

Timothea did a few puzzles.

Naomi came back from her hospital eye check up.

Naomi looked at a book on “Dogs”.

Rebekah read “read it yourself Goldilocks and The Three Bears” and “The Farm”.

The girls all built and played with the brio train set.

We all sorted out the clean clothes into piles and the wardrobes.

After tea the girls played a memory game called “Jungle Book matching pairs game”.



Lots of different activities going on today, couple of photos here from the reading session this morning.



Even Susanna joined in the fun…


Detailed Summary


Wrote a shopping list each. Went for a walk to the shops and bought some food.

Next we did some cutting and sticking using paper, scissors and glue.

Read a story called “Penguin Pete” to the girls.

Did the flash card pictures with the girls.

Did the flash card words with Naomi & Rebekah.

Timothea did some sounds with the electronic learning apple.

Rebekah &Timothea played a game called “mind your step”.

Naomi did some maths in her “Together we will learn” workbook.

Went for a walk to the park and played on the slides with some of thier school friends.