Resources available to us – (updated at bottom of page)

Below is a list of some of the resources and places that we have visited together with a list at the bottom of ideas we are intending to further for future use.

Current Resources (Feb 2005)

  1. Local Library
  2. Our own 1000+ book collection
  3. Corinium Museum Education Loans Boxes on Anglo-Saxons
  4. Corinium Museum Education Loans Boxes on Romans
  5. large range of Ladybird books including Peter and Jane classics, and some with Audio CDs such as The Secret Garden
  6. Tractor Ted educational videos and DVDs, covering rural science
  7. 3000 Lego basic bricks starter pack
  8. Home Computer with various educational software packages
  9. Children’s Optical Microscope for above
  10. Bug Viewer with optical lenses
  11. Classic Composers CD collection complete with history of composers
  12. Wildlife Fact-File information cards
  13. 40+ Readers Digest reference books
  14. ‘Bible Stories to Read’ and associated ‘Bible Pictures to Color’ workbooks
  15. Jolly Phonics Dictionary and various resources by Jolly Phonics
  16. Flash Cards including – Phonics, Keywords, Adding and Subtracting, Times Tables
  17. large range of WHSmiths and other workbooks suitable to their ages and abilities
  18. colouring books, craft materials, pens, pencils, pastels, paints, Playdough, glue, scissors and many other materials
  19. Fuzzy-Felts
  20. Painting Easel
  21. Many games including – My First Scrabble, Junior Scrabble, Number Rummikub and Word Rummikub, Connect4, Silly Sentences, Downfall, Globe Trotting, various types of Dominoes, various matching pairs games
  22. 53cm Globe
  23. Numerous wall charts on walls including, World Map, European Map, The Human Body, Human Skeleton, Months of the Year, What is the Time?
  24. Magnet Letters
  25. Sky TV home package covering National Geographic and Animal Planet and various Cookery Programmes
  26. two Adventist satellite channels covering Citizenship and other valuable life skills

Places We Have Visited

  1. Corinium Museum (3 visits)
  2. Cotswold Wildlife Park
  3. Butterfly World at Strafford-Upon-Avon
  4. Seventh-Day Adventist Church (normally weekly)
  5. Infant baptism service at a Greek Authordox Church
  6. Steam Museum in Swindon
  7. Chedworth Roman Villa
  8. Vintage Model Cars and Trains Fair in Staines
  9. Various Play Grounds and Parks
  10. Home Education group social and activity meetings
  11. kept in contact with some of their old school friends
  12. country walking including Crickley Hill Iron Age Fort
  13. Bourton Model Railway Exhibition
  14. FunDays at Bourton (activity play centre)

Future Ideas

  1. Swimming at Bourton Leisure Centre
  2. Music Lessons
  3. French or Spanish Lessons
  4. go to At Bristol Science Park
  5. go to Cotswold Farm Park
  6. go to Birdland at Bourton
  7. use our National Trust membership to the full
  8. purchase climbing frame or slide or other outdoor equipment

Update 2006

  1. French lessons occur weekly at the Cotswold International Language School in Cirencester
  2. various French books / childrens dictionaries / TinyTots TV video / Computer software added to increase exposure to the French language
  3. quality outdoor slide purchased for Spring/Summer/Autumn use
  4. large amount of Duplo Lego collected to give real opportunites for 3D-spacial skill development and Maths skills
  5. large volumn of traditional lego bricks bought for older children to make models
  6. visits with other Home Educating families to provide social contact
  7. 800+ ladybird reading books bought on Ebay to increase age appropiate reading material
  8. various maths equipment bought including Fraction Tower Cubes / Cuisenaire Rods / calculators
  9. large amount of science kits purchased mostly Cambridge Science kits such as weather station etc…
  10. Cambridge Brain Box electronics kit suitable for primary age group with clip together components