Detailed Summary


Timothea – drawing insects, Rebekah and Naomi copying out a Bible story / passage of handwriting.
(art, english, reading, R.E.)

All – playdough shapes and using the handpress. Naomi enjoyed making a detailed scale model of a person using playdough.
(craft, maths)

After lunch we had indoor aerobics as the weather was very damp outside today.

Group activity, creating a giant wall chart using different stamping pens and wax crayons.
(group social skills, hand eye co-ordination, art, craft)

Watched 911 on TV, what to do in an emergency following a young boy’s situation.
(Citizenship / P.H.S.E.)

I-spy with a twist using movement round room and indicating whether someone is warmer or cooler relative to the object.
(phonics, english, spelling)