Home Education with the Haley Family


Bible Stories to Read (Rod and Staff Text) chapter 8.
Girls each coloured in the picture to match the story in Bible Pictures to Color.

Rebekah did a few pages of her alphabet workbook.
Timothea did a few pages of her maths workbook.
Naomi wrote out and looked up spellings for various objects in the lounge and kitchen of her own choice.

Rebekah and Timothea watched Big Cook Little Cook on TV.

Rebekah and Timothea helped put away the clean clothes.

Naomi went for the afternoon with Daddy to Cheltenham, shopping and looking and touching all the decorations for Christmas. Naomi spent sometime looking at one window display on animals from the polar regions, she correctly identified the animals and discussed with Daddy the food Raindeers eat and where they live in Greenland etc. She remembered having seen Greenland on her globe at home and correctly described where it is located.

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