Our Family

Welcome from the Haley family. Esther and I (Andrew) have five children the eldest of which is six and a half years. We are starting out our home educating experience by trying out various approaches and beginning on a cross somewhere between Autonomous Education and a structured method. I suspect over time this will alter as we find each of our children’s strengths and learning preferences.

Timothea (4yrs), Rebekah (5yrs) and Naomi (6yrs)

Timothea, Rebekah and Naomi

Joshua (5months) and Susanna (17months)

Joshua and Susanna

I will add a brief intro for each of us later. Meanwhile please take a look at our progress under the ‘Category’ links, top right above.

Our favourite hymn online at the moment is:

Shine Jesus Shine

Joshua is growing fast, here he is at 5 months:

Joshua is growing fast...