Home Education with the Haley Family

Mid-June 2006

Nannie is home with us again for the summer from Ecuador, complete with stories and gifts from a far off land…

These beautiful headbands are handmade with hours of fine detail work:

Salt dough is used to make many different ornaments:

Susanna wearing a headband:

Recent field trip to look at river life in June:

We found lots of water snails and discussed the differences in shell shape with land snails:

A meadow buttercup with developing seed head:

Busy making things for Joshua’s birthday…

Joshua’s new toy:

How many of us remember these from our childhood:

It’s a cake Mum but what do I do with the candles?

Mum to the rescue…

Some of the things the girls made with Hama beads…

Naomi and Rebekah made a mobile for Joshua’s birthday:

Susanna and Joshua dressed ready for Church:

On a recent walk we found a secret location where Roman Snails are thriving; these really are decendents of escaped Roman delicacies that still survive in some parts of the UK; not on our menu though!

Give you a clue – they can be found near Roman Villas as they never roam far from their birth place:

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