Home Education with the Haley Family

Late-February 2006

Maths lesson in progress with each working on their own workbook, using Duplo bricks as counting blocks and to measure fractions:

Rebekah’s birthday cake with candles…

One Sabbath Naomi and Timothea work together on a Bible scene using our Bible magnets set:

Susanna playing with a Bible felt book made by Grandma:

Rebekah using the fruits, nuts and vegetables felt set…

Naomi holding a huge Black Spanish Radish from Grannie and Grandfather’s garden, which was very popular when grated and mixed with mayonnaise:

Special moment for Timothea as she has just finished reading her first book herself…

Rebekah been busy today with Maths – completed 7 pages herself with 90-95% correct on her first attempt:

Rebekah remembered the work we did on fractions a while ago completing this part without assistance:

Naomi creating a bed from paper, scissors and cellotape:

Esther with the three youngest…

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