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11 27th, 2006
Late-November 2006
Author: Andrew

We are all learning; Deborah is now walking…


Included this picture because although they were restricted to using the larger Primo bricks the older girls designed a computer including LCD screen, printer and power supply; I liked the way they had thought through all the components needed for a computer to function:


11 11th, 2006
November 2006
Author: Andrew

We organised a two day trip plus overnight stay to coincide with the fireworks night. Very wet on the first day…


Miniland with it’s 35 miliion lego bricks was a big hit…


It did stop raining some of the time:


Getting ready for the best fireworks we have ever seen…


Saved our pennies and used every voucher scheme we could get our hands on to buy year passes so we are going back in the spring…


Also renewed our Corinium Museum passes:


Another recent addition to our resources are Clicker5 and some of it’s Find and Write About titles along with a French Package. These have been big hits, in use everyday for various subjects and projects they have been doing.


Here is Timothea’s first time using Clicker5…


Also been enjoying using various musical intruments, pictured below as well as recorders…


Went on a nature walk one dry day to collect different seeds, nuts and fruits from a local deciduous wood…