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06 28th, 2006
Late-June 2006
Author: Andrew

Resident bookworm Rebekah next to her favourite place… 

Another lego model…

We all went on a homeschool trip to the Cotswold Farm Park to see all the rare breed animals…

Lots of cute Gloucester Old Spots…

Straw spiders was another project…

Timothea’s animal from playdough…

06 19th, 2006
Mid-June 2006
Author: Andrew

Nannie is home with us again for the summer from Ecuador, complete with stories and gifts from a far off land…

These beautiful headbands are handmade with hours of fine detail work:

Salt dough is used to make many different ornaments:

Susanna wearing a headband:

Recent field trip to look at river life in June:

We found lots of water snails and discussed the differences in shell shape with land snails:

A meadow buttercup with developing seed head:

Busy making things for Joshua’s birthday…

Joshua’s new toy:

How many of us remember these from our childhood:

It’s a cake Mum but what do I do with the candles?

Mum to the rescue…

Some of the things the girls made with Hama beads…

Naomi and Rebekah made a mobile for Joshua’s birthday:

Susanna and Joshua dressed ready for Church:

On a recent walk we found a secret location where Roman Snails are thriving; these really are decendents of escaped Roman delicacies that still survive in some parts of the UK; not on our menu though!

Give you a clue – they can be found near Roman Villas as they never roam far from their birth place:

06 12th, 2006
Early-June 2006
Author: Andrew

Deborah aged 9 months…

Susanna’s 3rd birthday cake:

She had some help to blow out the candles:

Naomi addressed an envelope to Joshua for his birthday card:

Loads more Duplo buildings under construction…

Ok another cute photo of Deborah:

Naomi made a 3D model of Noah’s Ark complete with a twin angled roof and stabilizers to hold the ship upright whilst in dry dock; complete with windows and door with ramp:

Met up with Grannie and Grandfather for a walk around Bibury and found lots of ducklings:

Rebekah’s drawing of Peter the fisherman and his boat busy at work on the Sea of Galilee:

Timothea made a card for Grandfather’s birthday with her own handwriting inside:

Naomi and Rebekah’s latest French lesson using a game and word searches to learn ‘Les Transports’

Naomi’s free-hand drawing of a snake and lizard: