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05 11th, 2006
May 2006
Author: Andrew

They were following ants taking cut up pieces of leaf back to their nest:

Rebekah found a dead Bumble Bee, which we looked at under the bug viewer:

Naomi read us the story for the day:

Here we put up a summary of what we had learnt:

All through May we seemed to have had a spurt on tent making, with them getting bigger and more complex every day…

Naomi here researching castles:

Here is one of her drawings…

She is using Google Images to locate pictures of castles. Notice also that she is using a non-Windows opperating system in this case Redhat Linux:

Rebekah doing some colouring with felts:

We all made two rubber-band powered vehicles to see how energy is stored in an elastic band:

Timothea with the rubber-band powered boat:

The car reached great speeds across the kitchen floor… this was my third attempt to photo it!

Side profile; the rubber-band is wound inside a plastic tube:

Susanna had a go too:

Last few months bedtime reading has become an important part of their lives with more interesting books each night – here is the current selection:

Just bought some lovely Primary aged books – loads of pictures and very interesting subjects:

Few more of the new books:

Tri-ominos is a new addition to our board games – good for Maths skills:

Timothea has been copying words off food jars – her favourite Peanut Butter!

Geochemistry with Bicarbonate of Soda and Vinegar to get our volcano going:

Learning the internal parts of a volcano:

Creating symmetrical patterns with Hama beads:

Naomi and Rebekah busy: