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02 26th, 2006
Late-February 2006
Author: Andrew

Maths lesson in progress with each working on their own workbook, using Duplo bricks as counting blocks and to measure fractions:

Rebekah’s birthday cake with candles…

One Sabbath Naomi and Timothea work together on a Bible scene using our Bible magnets set:

Susanna playing with a Bible felt book made by Grandma:

Rebekah using the fruits, nuts and vegetables felt set…

Naomi holding a huge Black Spanish Radish from Grannie and Grandfather’s garden, which was very popular when grated and mixed with mayonnaise:

Special moment for Timothea as she has just finished reading her first book herself…

Rebekah been busy today with Maths – completed 7 pages herself with 90-95% correct on her first attempt:

Rebekah remembered the work we did on fractions a while ago completing this part without assistance:

Naomi creating a bed from paper, scissors and cellotape:

Esther with the three youngest…

02 24th, 2006
February 2006
Author: Andrew

Yes all six are ours – here are all of them together…

Timothea with one of her houses:

All four older girls worked together on this train layout…

Notice the raised track bed – completely their idea and design.

Naomi following one of the more advanced electronics circuits from a diagram in their primary electronics kit:

Using the soundchip…

Card for Naomi handmade by Rebekah, notice she has copied the vase of flowers from Holland from the windowsill perfectly…

Naomi’s eighth birthday dinner:

Lots of candles…

Think it is a bird sat on a car?

Timothea’s farmhouse complete with tractor port and steps:

Rebekah doing Heinemann Maths level 2 second workbook…

02 23rd, 2006
February 2006
Author: Andrew

Well the last year has been fun, lots of new things to learn and new ways to learn them both for Mum and Dad and all our children…

Here is the latest picture with all six siblings:

We have continued to develop their understanding of the world around us and they have all gained a real interest in learning – they really enjoy what they do… Naomi, Rebekah and Timothea have all progressed in the core English, Maths and Science/History/Geography. We have continued to develop an Autonomous approach to learning using lots of practical tools to increase their enjoyment and making learning fun.