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01 27th, 2006
January 2006
Author: Andrew

Naomi and Rebekah busy painting with acrylic paints their ‘sun catchers’

Some of the finished results:

Timothea and Daddy spending one on one time at the Corinium Museum, Cirencester:

Inside a Roman kitchen, Timothea was interested in the hare and snails…

Selection of replica Roman coins we brought home, together with her Maths from earlier that day:

French classes resumed again this term, with an hours tuition each week and various resources at home to compliment; this week was ‘ma famille’:

A selection of the Heinemann Maths books donated to us over Christmas, these ones already completed:

Sample of one page from the first level book:

Rebekah painting using colour to outline her objects rather than filling everything in inside:

Timothea really enjoyed her latest maths book, making real progress with more confidence:

Sample of her work:

Calendars made by all three older girls on a visit to Grannie and Grandfather’s:

Friends came to visit from Cirencester and guided the children with building a huge multi-levelled farm building giving them the confidence to build larger structures with steps and different floors:

Side view…