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10 23rd, 2005
Late-October 2005
Author: Andrew

They made these two from Hama beads for my office:

Duplo has now become very popular too:

Arthur is a scale human skeleton complete with organs; each part arrives through the post with a detailed guide on the human body.

They are all really excited about building Arthur:

Here is Arthur’s brain:

Naomi has built a very detailed scale model of Noah’s Ark from her reading of the Bible; this is all her own work and was her own idea:

10 11th, 2005

From our visit to Minster Lovell a beautiful old 14th century manor house in Oxfordshire:

Rebekah making an octopus:

Latest family photo of all our children together:

This is what happens if you leave them with cellotape, scissors and imagination – it’s a diving kit complete with snorkel, armbands and oxygen tanks on the back.

These are some of the Geomag models they have been making using triangles, squares and pentagons:

Hama beads are also becoming a hot favourite for crafts:

After placing the beads on a grid we have to carefully iron over the top to fuse the beads together:

Timothea playing her memory matching game:

More Geomags:

It’s a pentagonal dodecahedron – well of course!!!

Onto some serious electronics, fantastic no wires primary kit:

Here I am getting Naomi to understand how electricity flows through wires by using water flowing through drinking straws:

This circuit makes the fan fly off onto the ceiling:

That’s it spinning on the ceiling…

Naomi, Rebekah and Timothea made detailed electrical diagrams of our series and parallel circuits:

Susanna and Rebekah made a marblerun:

A friendly hedgehog wanders through our garden, all very excited about this little creature:

Lego house building with rooms:

Naomi read these two books through cover to cover herself:

Baby Deborah hard at work: