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05 31st, 2005
End-May 2005
Author: Andrew

Daddy’s toy really but they all love using our G-gauge garden railway

Complete with sound and smoke generator

Rebekah using paint pens to make a poster…

05 25th, 2005
Holiday May 2005
Author: Andrew

On holiday kite flying

Timothea soon got the hang of it too

Shire Horse Centre

Watching ploughing how it used to be done

Various foul and small animals

Turkey upset Timothea by going ‘Gobble gobble’

Naomi not so sure of the height…

Rebekah confidently scales to the top

Here Naomi overcomes her fears and did this herself…

Cromer Church inside

05 25th, 2005
Holiday May 2005
Author: Andrew

Great Yarmouth Model Village complete with G-gauge garden railway…

05 25th, 2005
Holiday May 2005
Author: Andrew

Naomi busy castle building

Rebekah digging the defences

Timothea absorbed too

Joshua just before he ate the sand…

Lunch break – hard work building by the sea

Recently died Cromer crab gave us a good half hour biology lesson…

05 25th, 2005
Mid-May 2005
Author: Andrew

Lego house building underway…

making roofs without the right pieces is tricky

Rebekah helping Joshua

Internet research using Google to find info on how Parliament works

Our own mock election…

Rebekah’s artistic geraffe

Now a pair

Notice the male and female body shapes!

Bead work…