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03 27th, 2005
End-March 2005
Author: Andrew

Easter Sunday egg hunt:

Involved reading clues themselves and locating the place in the garden to find the next egg and working as a team to get everyone round the course at the same time:

03 25th, 2005
End-March 2005
Author: Andrew

Friends over for tea:

Bug hunt underway in the garden:

Brio layouts are now getting quite complicated, here designed and built by Timothea with very little assistance from Mum:

Following on our Roman theme this year we visited Chedworth Roman Villa:

Used in grinding wheat for bread making – the girls picked up on this being the same as that used today in some organic small flour mills which they had seen on a recent video on making bread:

All the girls took great delight in naming and finding items that we had discussed and viewed in the Museum Loans Box which we borrowed last month from Corinium Museum:

Below are two complete wall chimney flues again we had a broken one in the Museum Loans Box:

Stickle Brick car designed and built by Rebekah:

Naomi busy making words, we also got her to check some of them in the phonics dictionary afterwards:

03 14th, 2005
Mid-March 2005
Author: Andrew

Rebekah came with me to a friends Greek Orthodox Baptismal service. Learning about other cultures and faiths is important in our homeschool; this occassion provided a good cultural discussion point for her to see something very different, which she really enjoyed:

Some just can’t keep up with our homeschooling:

03 11th, 2005
Mid-March 2005
Author: Andrew

Naomi and Rebakah went to watch a Miltitary Band in Northleachfrom the soilders serving in Iraq from Gloucestershire and surrounding counties:

Busy accounting and writing shopping lists (see their dictionary on left) for their play shop:

Rebekah using Polydron to match addition and subtraction sums with their correct answers:

High quality German mosaic toy that allows all sorts of pictures to be created, I used one of these as a child at my grandparents home…

Basic Lego bricks are providing good spacial and mathematical skills using play:

One, two, three, four, five, yes they are all ours…

03 4th, 2005
Early-March 2005
Author: Andrew