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01 23rd, 2005
Late-January 2005
Author: Andrew

Using a craft kit they made a decorative mirror, light switch surround and picture frame:

Made sponge cakes with raisins using the utensils and ingredients listed on the whiteboard:

We had drawn a plan of a village on a foam sheet and the Children were laying out the village stucture. Later they drew maps of this imaginary village, in their examples folder.

01 16th, 2005
Mid-January 2005
Author: Andrew

Ground floor of Timothea’s house of bricks:

Timothea colouring from her morning Bible story, ‘David is a Shepherd’ from ‘Bible Pictures to Color’:

Coloured beads used as a creative picture maker. All three girls made their own designs:

01 11th, 2005
Author: Andrew

Went to the Great Western Railway Museum ‘Steam’ in Swindon for the day:

You can see more about the Museum: Click Here

With all that quality wood I wonder how heavy a carriage is? 2 Tonnes, 5 Tonnes?

Experimenting with the strength of pulling the signals along different lengths of wire:

Scammell Scarab van – Naomi was interested in the 1 wheel at the front:

Inside the Buffet carriage:

01 6th, 2005
Author: Andrew

Home Economics Lesson:

Joshua (age 6 months), bit too young for home economics classes yet?

01 5th, 2005
Author: Andrew

Some photos from over Christmas and New Year, here the girls are using their new board – chalks one side and crayons on a paper feed the other:

Naomi really getting the hang of 3D shape building with Polydron addition and subtraction pieces:

Rebekah building a car with Stickle Bricks: