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11 25th, 2004
Author: Andrew

Bible reading for today:

todays bible verse

From this and a pile of cardboard boxes three Churches grew:

cardboard, sellotape and imagination

Finished results with their makers:

end results

11 25th, 2004
Author: Andrew

Read a Bible verse (Matthew 16:18) and made a Church each out of old cereal boxes.

Helped sort out all the dry washing in the utility room.

Made a card for Daddy using paper and sellotape.

Timothea did some of her maths workbook with help from Rebekah, and then did some of her play family workbook too.

Rebekah did some of her alphabet workbook.

They all played with the playdough making shapes etc.

11 24th, 2004
Author: Andrew

This mornings Bible reading was on the whiteboard…

This mornings Bible reading on the whiteboard

Later in the garden clearing away for winter:

outside in the garden

11 24th, 2004
Author: Andrew

Read a Bible reading to the girls. The reading was from John3:16&17. The girls drew some pitcures about the reading ie, a picture of Jesus on the cross and a picture of God sending Jesus down to earth.

The girls went outside to do some gardening with Daddy ie clearing of weeds on the patio with the trowels and buckets and dustpan and brush.

Found a very large frog (12-15cm) and looked at its webbed feet.

Did some maths, the 2 and 3 times tables using the whiteboard and A4 paper. Worked out using counting on and looking for patterns in the tables.

11 23rd, 2004
Author: Andrew

Organic Coconut Cashew Bars:

List of ingredients and the utensils needed…

list of ingredients and utensils

Measure and combine everything together.

combine ingredients

Three super mixers at work…




The finished product shortly before tea…

About to be demolished